Currently, the AVM building is CLOSED due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  THE MEMORIAL GROUNDS ARE OPEN.  We anticipate opening the AVM building in spring/summer 2022.  Please check back for updates.  We encourage the continued practice of social distancing while visiting the grounds.  Thank you!

The memorial grounds were dedicated in 2003. The building was completed with a grand opening on 9/11/2017. The purpose of the memorial is to honor our veterans, past, present and future.

This is not a cold stone monument to veterans, but a living memorial about veterans. It is a facility dedicated to teaching the young of our nation, and perhaps the not so young, about how the military and individual veterans have contributed to the splendid fabric from which our great nation is tailored. The museum holds displays of military memorabilia ranging from the civil war through present day conflicts. Items on display have been donated or are on loan from local veterans or the families of local veterans.

We encourage schools and other groups to arrange for tours to be conducted with one of our volunteers to further explain the displays and use of the items.