• With the Memorial Grounds now open, WHAT’S NEXT?
    We are now soliciting contributions with which to build a structure where the theater, museum and interpretive center will be located.

  • What is an “in-kind” contribution?
    An in-kind contribution is a gift of labor and love with equipment, time, materials, and such. Some people are able to provide trucks, grading equipment and material. These contributions are all important, and greatly appreciated

  • What can I do?
    You can give a cash contribution, buy one of our sidewalk pavers, or even purchase a bench to honor a veteran (living or deceased). Wartime Veterans and defense workers can become a PART of the memorial by arranging to have an audio/video interview conducted which will become part of the multi-media library that will be used in the interpretive center. Our Veteran’s Voices Program is just getting off the ground at this time.

  • How do we get in touch with you?
    Call Jeff at (218) 255.0489, Willie Davis at (218) 564-4591 or Glenys at (218) 732-4398. You can also send us an email here.